Ambassador Search

Welcome to our first AMBASSADOR SEARCH! We’re so happy you’re here! 

All entries must be received by June 5th. Winners will be announced June 7th, 2019 on our IG page! 


1- You must be between the ages of 2-19 and have a public Instagram account...and you must be active on that account. If you’re under the age of 13 you must have an active parent managed account. That simply means that you are trying to gain followers by posting good content regularly. This does not mean that you need to go buy fake followers or that you should let just anyone follow you to increase your numbers. If you have a few hundred real followers and someone else has thousands of fake or inappropriate followers, don’t worry...we will look at all that.  

2 - Make sure you’re following us on Instagram at @madimacdancewear and also following Madi at @madi.mac13. Also follow Madi Mac Dancewear on Facebook if you have Facebook!

3 - Like any of our Ambassador Search posts on IG and  tag 10 of your friends in the comments.

4 - Post a picture (as many as you’d like) of you wearing your favorite Madi Mac Dancewear!! Tag us and also use the hashtag #madimacsearch. If you haven’t gotten your Madi Mac Dancewear yet, our entire site is 15% off until May 22.

5 - Email us a video of you dancing! It can be on stage, at your studio, or wherever! Also include your name, age, address, phone number, and studio. Our email is Girls under 5 can just submit a video of them bouncing around to some music!



A Madi Mac Ambassador (Madi Mac Girl) is someone who loves our brand and wants to help us grow by promoting us on their social media accounts.  This includes posting pics, videos, contests, etc, and liking and commenting on our posts and other Madi Mac Girls posts as much as possible! Our Ambassadors will be a part of the Madi Mac family forever, however each ambassadorship will be 4 months long. After that 4 months is up we will be doing another Ambassador search...where you will be welcome to apply again if you’d like! We may also choose some of our Ambassadors to become a Madi Mac Model in future photo shoots! 



1 - Our Madi Mac Ambassadors (Madi Mac Girls) will get to add their new title to their IG bio!

2 - Each Ambassador will get one free outfit 20% off any of our dancewear for their entire ambassadorship.

3 - Each Ambassador will get their own discount code to use on their social media during promotions/sales and will receive a percentage from their sales.

4 - Ambassadors and their mothers will be included in a Madi Mac Girl group chat and email where we will be asking for advice, opinions, ideas, etc. on the current collection, the upcoming collection, social media events and promotions, creative ideas for future events, and more! 

5 - Our Madi Mac Girls will become a VERY important part of our Madi Mac family. We will follow and support your journey in the dance world in any way possible. We will be here for you to answer any questions or to give any advice you may need. We will help each other grow our social media presence, but will also help each other grow as dancers and as people. 


1 - NO INAPPROPRIATE PICTURES!! Obviously young girls wearing dancewear in general can be controversial to those not a part of the dance...BUTTTT...there are definitely appropriate and inappropriate ways to post pics of young girls in dancewear. We will look through your IG and will also look through your personal IG accounts for those that have more than one account. We will look at the older girls twitters and VSCO accounts and we will not chose anyone who posts things that we find to be inappropriate. Posts that are overly sexy...laying on the floor, couch, or bed in a way that is inappropriate for their age, open leg shots that are not dance required, sexy facial expressions that are not age appropriate (ie- licking their lips, fingers in their mouth, etc)...and for the older girls...cussing, bullying, or talking nasty on twitter, provocative posts on VSCO, overly sexual clothes/ posts on personal accounts will not be thought of highly. Also, we all know there are thousands of creeps who follow as many dance accounts as they can. There is no way to stop them, however every parent should make an attempt to block as many of them as possible and NEVER allow them to comment on their child’s picture!! We do not want the creeps following us, so if you allow creeps and then promote our brand, we will not benefit from your promotion. We want REAL followers! We accept the fact that not everyone will understand that little girls wear dance clothes to dance, but we also want our Madi Mac Girls and Models to carry themselves with respect and grace and to represent our brand at a very high standard of morals and goodness. 

2 - YOUR DANCE ABILITY! We want the pictures you post to be of high dance quality! So we will be choosing our Madi Mac Girls based on their age appropriate dance abilities! The younger girls will be judged on their energy and sass more than technique since some will have very little technique yet! Girls younger than 5 can just send a video of them bouncing around to music looking adorable!! Older girls will be judged on their style, emotion, and technique.

3 - YOUR LOOK! We will be judging your pictures and video to see if your look is something that draws our attention and makes us excited to see you wearing our stuff! We love lots of different looks! 

4 - YOUR ACTIVITY ON SOCIAL MEDIA! Are you posting often...but not TOO often? Are you posting good quality pictures? Are you conscious of your dancing technique in pictures? Do you delete inappropriate comments? All of that matters!

5 - YOUR ENERGY! Maybe you’re not the best dancer or maybe you don’t have the most followers, but maybe your energy and overall personality is just something that draws us to you. Madi Mac Girls are very special and they need to have a special energy!


Maybe you just started your Instagram account, or you just started dancing, or you’re not quite sure how to get followers or how to post high quality Instagram content?? If this is you, you may not be quite ready for our Ambassador Program but maybe we still see something special in you and want to help you learn how to become a great Madi Mac Ambassador! If so, you may be chosen for our Ambassador In Training Program! This program will give you full access to us at all times to ask questions and to get advice and personal guidance on how to grow you IG and how to post quality content that may one day soon get you ready to be a Madi Mac Ambassador! You will also be included in all group texts, emails, questionnaires, and discussions with the Ambassadors and models regarding our next collections and upcoming events! We will support you on your journey and help you in any way we can to become everything you want to be!



Thank you all SO MUCH for wanting to become a Madi Mac Girl! We appreciate the support more than you know! We wish we could pick everyone, but if you don’t get chosen this time please come back and try again!! Best of luck and GOD BLESS!!!!